We provide the best Integrated Oil Project Services. Our results speak for themselves.

Management Services

Integrate the services required to drill a petroleum well based on the highest applicable standards.

Inspection Services

The inspection of a well is intended to ensure that the plan, costs and logistics of the project are adequate to meet the objectives.

Fluids for Drilling, Completion and Workover of Wells

DrillCoTec drilling fluid systems line meets the highest engineering standards, recognized experience and simplicity, the requirements and operational demands of our customers, and at the same time, preserves the integrity of the personnel involved and assets, with a minimum environmental impact.


Water based system designed to drill surface areas.


Water based system designed to drill surface areas (Quaternary and Tertiary undifferentiated). Based on a salt of calcium nitrate.


Water based system designed to drill low and high reactivity areas.


Water based system designed to drill low and high reactivity areas with lithologies ranging from clays to shales, conglomerates and sandstones, using modern, practical and safe chemical and mechanical stability mechanisms.


Water based system designed to drill production.


Water based system designed to drill production areas with minimal invasion and training friendly agents.

Personnel Services

We provide specialized and highly trained personnel.

  • COO (Chief Operating Officer)

  • Drilling Superintendent

  • Senior Drilling Engineer

  • Drilling Engineer

  • Wellsite Supervisor

  • Reconditioning Supervisor

  • HSE Drill Engineer

  • Wellsite Geologist


DrillCoTec has the most modern Cementing Unit in Ecuador. Together with the Specialized Human Team, this combination ensures the best isolation of the producing areas, confirmed by the cement bond logs.

Real Time Operation Monitoring – ROOT

Permanent Operation Monitoring Tool

The REMOTE OIL OPERATIONS TEAM allows our clients to:

  • Optimize the number of personnel during the Drilling and Completion stage of an oil well.
  • Improve the visualization of operational parameters in real time.
  • Visualize any deviation or operational anomaly that needs immediate action through video cameras located in strategic positions in the drilling rig.
  • Offer the client the opportunity to find areas for improvement based on the generation of statistical tables, process analysis and technology implementation.
  • Reduce drilling times and prevent unwanted incidents that result in additional costs.

Our ROOT has incorporated a multidisciplinary team of professionals with experience in the industry. It monitors operations 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in rotating shifts from our monitoring center located in the DRILLCOTEC offices.

Core Collection

We have the personnel and the experience to provide the core collection service.

With complete teams for the execution of work on several simultaneous fronts, each of them consists of:

  • Complete Equipment for Corona Core Collection Christensen 250P Series

  • Core barrels
  • Stabilizers
  • Safety Boards
  • Crowns
  • Aluminum tubes
  • Core collectors
  • Tools and accessories
  • Safety equipment

We Create Engineering Solutions

Drillcotec Integrates all necessary services for drilling oil wells with the highest aplicable standards.