It is no secret to anyone that the pandemic brought with it the paralysis of the productive sector globally; and the National Oil Industry is no exception to the unprecedented covid-19.

But, after many months of inactivity, operations were restarted at the end of 2020 to resume work in the Drilling and Completion areas.

Drillcotec, aware that the months without operations may have generated a kind of absence  of practice, inaugurated the return to the Field with the PROJECT TEAMWORK, in the HSE area.


TEAMWORK involves operational personnel in a phased training supported by 4 pillars:

1- Training: Internal and External

4 trainings were carried out on 4 Saturdays starting on November 14, 2020 covering the following topics:

  1. Work permits
  2. Safe Job Analysis (SJA) and Pre-Task Talks
  3. Incident Report (IR)
  4. Safety Improvement Actions (SIA) and Lessons Learned


2- Planning:

Through the establishment of meetings for the organization, inspection and audit of field work. Rules, norms and procedures are established.


3- Skills:

Why am I taking care of myself? Each worker feels responsible for the proper use of equipment and compliance with procedures. The family as the main motivator for self-care. Photos of the families of the company’s employees are published to remind them that they have important reasons to take care of themselves and others.

During the months of inactivity, Drillcotec prepared for the return and efficient start of operations. Carried out the necessary training for this, created and updated work processes.


4- Effective Communication:

  • Management of the concept of Interdependence.
  • Transmission of knowledge from experts and tutorials for learning.
  • Verification of effectiveness in learning.
  • Update in the management of HSE tools.


Teamwork QHSE Drillcotec Project Training

Teamwork QHSE Drillcotec Project Training Awards


More than 25 employees received the planned trainings to fulfill and reinforce the HSE CULTURE, a fundamental element for the success of the work results. After the training evaluations, the attendees who obtained the best results were recognized.

It should be noted that the trainings were carried out online to comply with security protocols and guarantee the health of the attendees.

TEAMWORK will continue in the following phases of training to continue reinforcing the “Drillcotec Safety Culture”: